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A white, sparkling smile with healthy, radiant teeth helps you to take command of your day.  edel+white® protects your smile every day!

edel+white® products keep their promises. With a young design, refreshing flavor and colors to motivate daily dental care. Produced by the Swiss dental care specialist Scanderra in Zurich, edel+white® unites the knowledge and competence of Swiss dental prophylaxis.

40% of tooth surfaces are in between the teeth. Reason enough to pay special attention to this „Bermuda triangle“. edel+white® offers easy and safe solutions to the daily 100% all around cleaning of your teeth.


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edel+white®. Safe, strong and Swiss.

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edel+white® Themes

  • Better brushing results by reduced foam: edel+white® toothpastes

    Sometimes less is more – this also counts for toothpastes! Excessive foam in regular toothpaste has negative effects on cleaning results...
  • Bright, shiny and clean teeth with PEDEX Whitening bristles

    Innovative PEDEX® high tech bristles remove stains up to 35% better than regular bristles...
  • Super soft, starting with the first tooth

    The first toothbrush for children with microfine KONEX bristles!
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